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Whether Australia will continue to increase immigration or reduce its current level of immigration can have a significant impact on your property investment strategies. So today I’d like to talk about bookkeeping certification how to go with the trend rather than against the pattern when putting your investment strategies together.

The current debate

Over the past few years, there has been an ongoing debate between whether we should have a “Small Australia” or a “Big Australia”. The supporters of a Big Australia would like to see our population increased to 36 million by 2050. This means roughly 400,000 new migrants on mercedes benz houston average coming to Australia each year. While the Small Australia camp wish to see our populace kept to a lot less than that.

There are a lot of pros and cons being thrown around by both sides of the debate: from what degree of growth is sustainable to whether we’d be paying higher taxes, and even more extreme scenarios such as cultural shift and racial domination. I’m not going to bore you with any of these, you can Google them for yourself, and take whichever side you like, or simply pay no attention to any of them.

The problem with such a debate is that people sometimes think that if one side presents a more logical and better rationale, then that side should win the argument. But in reality ,early childhood development our society’s progress is not usually a contest of logic or good reasoning. You can sit in a classroom and win a debate 10 times over, but outside the classroom, it is factors such as “Influence” and “Emotion” which rule.

If you want a simple demonstration of this, just ask 10 of your friends, who are still in a marriage today, how many of them examined the pros and cons and worked out the probability of the survival of the marriage, before they got into it. If most people can’t even apply reasoning and good reasoning to one of the most important decisions in their lives that they can control, how do you expect them to apply logic and good reasoning to an issue that they have little control over – such as whether we ought to become a Big Australia or a Small Australia?

This is one of the reasons why I have learnt over the years to give more importance to facts, and pay less focus on logic and good reasoning. You will benefit more in life by placing houston seo your attention on what has actually happened (i.e. the facts) rather than what should have happened.

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